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AAA 2016 Post-Show Report

AAA 2016 Post-Show Report
Covered an exhibition area of 60,000m2, with 3,000 booths and more than 400 exhibitors, AAA (integrated with CIAE & TPAE) has become the largest event of games, amusement, theme parks and attractions in Asia and the second one in the world.
Immense Popularity & Sparkling Highlights
AAA has attracted a lot of visitors from its first day and exhibitors were busy in introducing while purchasers were busy in experiencing. Following are the highlights of AAA.
Thousands of Game & Amusement Equipment
Thousands of game & amusement equipment displayed in AAA brought joy to the mass and increasingly related manufacturers such as Golden Dragon, Jinma, Universal Space, Guangyang, Flying Animation Technology, Delta Strike and more, showcased various of latest products such as Fish a Fish, Jurassic Park, 10D  Roller Coaster, Fishing Master and so on.
Gathered Virtual Reality Products
2016 is said to be the starting year of VR and AAA has attracted a lot of VR enterprises such as Leke VR, 9D, Zhuoyuan Group, Changlai, Mantong Electric Technology and more, showcased a number of VR products such as 9D VR Experience, 9D VR products, 720°Flight Simulator and so on on site. 
Supported by Domestic & Foreign Parks Operators
Theme parks have been the main consumption object in people’s leisure time and AAA has been supported by a batch of domestic and foreign professional amusement park enterprises such as Splendid China, Aircon, UniMice, Devost Intelligence and so on.
Collection of Water Parks Manufacturers
In recent years, water parks in China have experienced a rapid development, water parks manufacturers such as Daxin, Dalang, Wangming, Wavesurfer-AFP Technology, Proslide, Zebec and more, showcased their water amusement equipment such as Dragon Slide, Big Horn Slide, Wave Pool, Lazy River and so on.
Popular Concurrent Events
The following events and activities were held concurrently with AAA:
2016 Asia Theme Park Development Forum
The 4th Phase Theme Park Construction Seminar
AAA Opening Ceremony
China Real Estate, Culture & Tourism Industry Investment & Financing Matchmaking
AAA Reception Dinner
IDA Int’l Darts Match, etc.
Expanding Sizes of International Buyers & Sellers
According to the official data, AAA has attracted game & amusement manufacturers and professional purchasers such as WAVESURFER-AFP TECHNOLOGY, Polin Waterparks, SEMNOX SOLUTIONS, Intercard Inc, Delta Strike, Homepin and Sacoa coming from over 30 countries and regions such as America, France, Korea, Switzerland, Belgium, Turkey, India, Argentina, Dubai and so on, gathered over 1,000 professional overseas visitors such as Sun Milk Trading Company, Tekno-Set Electr Ltd, Escape Entertainment, Esinco S.A, etc., strengthened the relation between China and foreign trading.
More than 86.7% exhibitors are satisfied with the exhibition effect according our post-show survey. 80% of exhibitors reached agent/distributor agreements, 70% exhibitors booked for the next expo in 2017, 91% expressed satisfaction on the number of visitors and so do 85% with the quality of visitors. 97% exhibitors were satisfied with the on-site service by the sponsors and exhibitors, the visitor groups of India and Italy and Germany and Japan and etc. were satisfied with the expo.
According to the sponsor, AAA will continue to develop and make breakthrough and 2017 AAA will take place in China Import and Export Fair Complex during March 8-11, a 4 daysEvent covering an exhibition area of 80,000m2, aims at building up the largest event for parks in Asia. 

Guangdong Foreign Economic Trade Enterprise Association
Guangdong&Hong Kong Economic and Trade Association For The Advancement of Information Communication
Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group
Zhongshan Gaming Amusement Association(ZGAA)
World Waterpark Association (WWA)
The Indian Association of Amusement Parks & Industries(IAAPI)
Russian Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (RAAPA)
Kirmes&Park Revue
Games&Parks Industry