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Taihe World Class Water Park Will be Launched with 5.6 Billion Yuan in 2017
In recent years, a rush of theme park constructions has appeared in front of people.  Among which, water park is greatly favored by the most potential consumer groups, the children and youth. In addition to Disneyland built in Shanghai and Hongkong, or Fantawild in Zhengzhou of Henan province, or Chimelong in Guangzhou,etc., a number of water parks are in full swing to open and make a huge fortune!
China Taihe Group signed an agreement with the local government to jointly launch a 5.6 billion investment of World-Class Water Park at Block One. The project will invite world’s top design company, Canada WhiteWater, the expert for the waterpark and attractions experience, highlighting the wisdom and brilliant idea brought by the leading edge design team via the application of the global best amusement equipment and international idea. The water and marine park would be constructed to be a multifunctional recreation complex with experience of shopping, leisure, amusement, and vacation. 
Taihe water and marine park project will equip with the drift, beach area, the waves pool, the drift channel, hot spring Spa, children' play pond, walking underwater, the water bar, laser slideways in all kinds of ways and beach ocean landscape, etc, with 40 projects in all for catering to tourists at all ages. The project will also properly mingle with the local climate, dividing the park into indoor and outdoor sections so that the coming visitors can not merely view the landscapes while fully enjoy watching the various competition of motorboat, water motor F1, water flying man, dragon boat, canoeing and boat race in 1000 meters. Alongside the above projects, other aquatic amusement projects in the meantime will be supplemented by commercial, residential, making the collection of fitness entertainment, tourism, as an integration of water super paradise.
Besides those traditional water amusement projects, Taihe planners are going to import water roller coasters, laser shuttle slides and so on equipment overseas, mainly purchasing from Canada WhiteWater West. Laser shuttle track combined entertainment with amusement, virtual games united with real life, the fascinating latest water equipment ensures a hilarious water journey for tourists. 
Meanwhile, Taihe is going to drive the construction of the development of “five major resorts” and “six theme park”. When it comes to the “six theme park”, Taihe Water and Marine Park will be expected to start construction within this year. The first phase of the blue fruit theme world will be completed in May, with the second phase of construction in the same period. In addition to the construction of Thai water entertainment world, huacai landscape park project, but also will be signing the panda park, the western music park, transformers park projects, such as the extensive introduction of huge amounts of diverse recreational facilities.
In this case, China has a bright economic climate on this field in the future. 2018 Asia Amusement&Attraction Expo (AAA) as the foremost brands exhibition at home and abroad serve the industry with one-stop solutions for the various exhibitors and buyers domestically and overseas. With several years of experience, our exhibition this time will offer a larger scale of the exhibition and a better picture of products, while appealing numerous top runners on their way to attend, for sure this is a chance for a million. Do not let it blow, the expo will be present in a charming way like never before. 
2018 Asia Amusement & Attractions Expo (AAA)
Date: April 3rd-5th, 2018 
Venue: Area A of China Import & Export Fair Complex(Hall 1.1-Hall 8.1)    
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Guangdong&Hong Kong Economic and Trade Association For The Advancement of Information Communication
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