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Hainan Ocean Fun World includes four major divisions: Sansha City, Discovery Harbor, Adventure Ocean, and Ecological Coast; eight venues: Blue Sea Conservation and Rescue Centre, South China Sea Mystery Pavilion, Sea Turtle Pavilion, Manta Ray Pavilion, Polar Encounter, Dolphin Cove, Sanni Theatre, and Hainan Ecological Coast; and a marine water park.

In addition, the resort also has more than 10 restaurants, more than 20 sets of international cutting-edge amusement facilities and equipment, "overlooking the sea tower" "whale breaching the sky roller coaster" "South China Sea Eye Ferris wheel" "Rusty Mountain Rapids" and other large-scale entertainment equipment and more than 1,500 kinds of marine life, more than 40,000, forming a complete complex resort and large-scale cultural and tourism complex business clusters.

Among the four sub-districts, Sansha City has interactive projects such as special shops, island-themed catering and a marine knowledge popularisation centre. Discovery Harbour has a number of entertainment projects suitable for children, including ocean-themed wave flying chairs, dream carousel, "Eye of the South China Sea" Ferris wheel and so on.

The Adventure Ocean has extreme fall, rusty mountain rapids, Jack sea battle, cyclone flying car, Polar Museum, A Tang Grand Theatre amusement projects. Eco-coast is configured with many Hainan-style amusement theme projects, such as motorboat paddling, overlooking the sea tower, riding the waves, seagulls spreading their wings and so on.

Among them, the South China Sea Train, Whale Breaking Sky Coaster, South China Sea Eye Ferris Wheel, Overlooking Sea Tower, South China Sea Mystery and other projects have become the park's ace projects and net red card points.

The South China Sea Train and the Whale Breaking Sky Roller Coaster are even single projects with an investment of more than 100 million yuan, which are ranked among the top in the domestic equipment of the same kind.

The resort introduced the South China Sea Train is the first domestic shallow sea running monorail sightseeing train tailor-made by China Railway Group for the resort, which integrates the two major functions of viewing and traffic. The train's side windows are made of glass, and its shape is both fashionable and futuristic, which fits the atmosphere of the park.

The 3.3-kilometre operating loop is surrounded by the sea on all sides and offers scenic views. Visitors can take the train along the elevated track across the sea, travelling between the entire park and across the harbour pool to look around the Riian inner harbour.

The Whale Breaking Sky Roller Coaster is also the first large-scale situational 90-degree vertical roller coaster introduced in China, with a 1.1-kilometre-long track and a maximum speed of up to 108km/h. During the tour, visitors can feel the sense of vertical descent from the 90-degree track. South China Sea Eye Ferris Wheel is the first sea-side spinning slide Ferris Wheel in China, and is the same model of Tokyo Disney - the whole Ferris Wheel is 45 metres high, and can accommodate 144 people at the same time, a total of 8 cockpit groups, each group contains 2 fixed cockpits and 1 mobile cockpit, mobile cockpits are suspended on a specially customised track, and the cockpits have different sliding paths in different positions.

The mobile cockpit is suspended on a specially customised track, with different sliding paths for the cockpit in different positions, bringing visitors a wonderful and exciting playing experience. The 123-metre-high Overlook Tower is China's tallest sea sightseeing tower, from which visitors can overlook the stunning scenery of the entire park while enjoying the magnificent waves of the South China Sea.

And the South China Sea Secret Land has a total construction area of 20,427 square metres, of which the exhibition area is 2,494 square metres, divided into Hainan Rainforest Area, Pearl Coast Area, Coral Sea Area, South China Sea Area, Deep Sea Mystery Area, Mermaid Theatre Area, Dream Jellyfish Area and other seven thematic exhibition areas, with a total of 19,600 tonnes of water, a total of 43 exhibition pools, breeding more than 300 kinds of species, a total of over 32,000 tails of a variety of Aquatic creatures.

In addition, the Ocean Waterpark also has four major attractions: Stormy Neptune Bay, Demeter Castle, Hera's Rainbow Staircase and Scramble Tower. Among them, Storm Neptune Bay is a wave pool that can accommodate more than 2,000 people and is designed with shallow and deep water areas; Demeter Castle has giant water columns and other amusement facilities; Hera Rainbow Staircase is mainly a slide, carrying a total of eight slides of different colours; Scramble Tower is a six-storey-high monolithic water amusement equipment, which can bring weightlessness, back-and-forth spinning and speedy sliding down to the skaters, and other different water amusement experiences.


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