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Exhibitor Sharing | SIDANA : Wangfujing - Aite Gleam Paradise

Wangfujing - Aite Gleam Paradise


Completion date: October 2023


01 Case Introduction

This project is located in the centre of Wangfujing Plaza in Luoyang, the plaza has great influence and its radius can be up to 3-5km radius, the surrounding bidding products are mainly based on the old generation of play products. The division is not concentrated and has no highlights. The project's geographical location is superior, gathering a large number of residential and office buildings, the flow of people is great, the distribution of various types of food, sports stadiums and other crowded places in the vicinity, but also the main through the space.

Such excellent conditions have attracted many investors to move in - creating a different theme park (rope net park) in the entrance plaza, creating a different children's play space for children, entertaining the children and retaining the crowd at the same time.


02 Project Parameters

Product specification: 16*9*6M

Actual area: about 180 square feet

Applicable age: 2 years + 

Capacity: 50 people +

Game function: giant climbing net, large trampoline, swing, drill tube, slide, etc..

Main material: 6mm anti-ultraviolet rope artificially woven rainbow net and 6 mesh machine woven net.


03 Design concept

Nowadays, people are always in a hurry to live every day, all kinds of pressure make us forget what is life, forget what is company. Such a fast pace makes us miss a lot of beautiful things, thus reflecting on why not slower more feeling of life, why not slower more to give some companionship ...... like a snail, walk and see, feel the beauty of the slow rhythm - Aite Gleaner Paradise.


04 Project Advantages

001 It has its own independent IP image.

002 It is different from the conventional powerless paradise and has its own unique way of playing.

003 let the child free, leaving everything crazy in the soft net play a day, do not need to worry about falling pain, bump.

004 parents can have to relax their own time, completely rest assured that the child in the facility to play freely, without worrying about the child will run away.

005 Low project cost, high reversibility, fast income, less maintenance, strong sustainability.


05 Market Benefits

Attract a large number of families with children in the neighbourhood to play here, retaining the flow of people, the plaza's popularity increased significantly, while attracting other investors to follow suit.


Welcome to join us--AAA expo .




Guangdong Foreign Economic Trade Enterprise Association
Guangdong&Hong Kong Economic and Trade Association For The Advancement of Information Communication
Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group
Association for the Development of Urban Parks and Public Spaces (Association of Parks)
Zhongshan Gaming Amusement Association(ZGAA)
World Waterpark Association (WWA)
The Indian Association of Amusement Parks & Industries(IAAPI)
Russian Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (RAAPA)
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