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Exhibitor Sharing | Huaxia Amusement: Lishui Jinyun Wan Di Plaza Happy City

Lishui Jinyun Wandi Plaza Happy City


Completion time: 28th December 2023


01 Case introduction

Lishui Wandi Plaza Happy City covers an area of 1200m², is a combination of naughty castle, trampoline, expansion, block area and other projects of the integrated indoor children's playground, for different age groups of children have different play scenes, playability is very high.


02 Project Parameters

Site area 1200 square feet


03 Design Concept

Designed with space and future elements to satisfy children's exploratory mind.


04 Project Advantages

A wide range of amusement programmes for a wide age group (3-14 years old), every child can find their own favourite programmes in the park.


05 Market Benefits

Since the opening of 10 days, the flow of people has exceeded 10,000+.


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