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Eternity Internation Group Limited


Enterprise Introduction

Shenzhen Tianyuheng Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the development of bowling projects with integrity and professionalism, specialising in the development and promotion of the world's popular bowling recreation and leisure facilities.

Tianyuheng as the domestic bowling industry pioneer and leader of the team ploughing the bowling field for more than twenty years, independent innovation and development of rope bowling equipment, perennial supply of new rope bowling and used refurbished original AMF, Binswick full set of bowling equipment and a variety of bowling accessories in stock, up to more than three thousand varieties. 

We always adhere to the mission of "let life be full of joy and health", and constantly strengthen the R&D and technical upgrading of our bowling products to provide a full range of bowling services for our customers around the world, so that more people can easily embrace a healthy life.

1 vergreen-EV99 Easy Bowling
01 Applicable places
Bowling alleys, leisure and recreation centres, family gathering centres, gymnasiums, trendy playgrounds, sports experience centres, pubs, schools, clubs, recreation centres for the elderly, clubs, private villas, shopping malls, etc.
02 Product Features
Powerful performance and simple design
More space-saving and easier to install
More convenient operation, help users to improve efficiency
2 Bowling equipment
01 Product Features
Multiple sets of AMF,Binswick stock in stock, perfect refurbishment process, strict precision testing, reproduce the classic brand of excellent quality
Bowling accessories
Bowling Accessories
01 Features
Manufacture high quality bowling balls, bottles, shoes, bags and other items.
Address:4/F,No.28 Zhonghua Road, Minzhi, Longhua District, Shenzhen, China.


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