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M SKY CO.,LTD.  is located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Port Town, Shagang Road 33, covers an area of 5,000 square meters. Founded in 1994, the company's main R & D and production of handheld game consoles, to undertake Disney, Konami, Fisher-Price toys and other top children's brands of hardware and software development cases. 2010 transition into the amusement equipment industry, with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, independent research and development of more than 60 children's interactive games for children's video game equipment.
All products from the appearance of the design, structural design, game development, motherboard system settings, circuit protection, etc. are the company's own research and development. Our products strive for simplicity, modularization of motherboards, consoles, etc., simple and convenient maintenance and management, fast and efficient after-sales.
After more than twenty years of deep cultivation and precipitation, Magic Interactive continues to break through the traditional, the current product line has covered a variety of categories of ride equipment: swinging, rotating, lifting, virtual kinetic, AI and so on. For example, the carousel with touch and voice interaction, virtual dynamic off-road racing, singing and dancing bear seesaw, musical Ferris wheel with piano performance, etc..
Parent-child entertainment, magic is different. With innovative technology dedicated to creating more meaningful, cost-effective products that are different from each other, Magic Interactive will be firmly on this road all the way to bring more cost-effective products for the amusement industry.
Your trust is our driving force. Choose magic, together bloom different fireworks!
1 Tour Bus

01 Product Information

Size: 92*180*140CM

Applicable places: Indoor amusement park


02 Product Features

●New around the world theme, double-decker luxury sightseeing bus design

●The best experience (2+1) 3-person interactive buses

●Extensive interactive games, built-in driver's and co-driver's seats

●Main driver's seat 17-inch screen + around the world puzzle interactive games

●Passenger seat: world map, famous places, interactive sound effects.

Real learning and playing in one, parent-child interaction, endless fun!


03 Description of the game

Multi-player swing machine platform, around the bus is a very fun 3D game game picture vivid colorful, the player will drive the lovely bus car in the countries of the scenic spots to explore the invitation to travel.


2 Gopher

01 Product Information



Size: W101*D138*H249cm

Weight: 153.5kgs


02 Product features

●New carnival design, two-player PK mode, win JP prizes

●Robots chase each other, the more points you score, the faster you run!

●Unique "King", continuous scoring function with consecutive hits

●New way to play the speculation game, no skill, all depends on hand speed

●Modularized design of the whole machine, solving the pain point of gopher head easy to break.

●Customized hammer, goodbye to broken and broken hammers.

3 Royal Carousel

01 Product Information

Size: 130*130*229cm

Applicable places: indoor amusement parks


02 Product Features

●Classic European royal style, luxury light canopy

●Three-dimensional relief, exquisite European pattern, the ultimate details

●Gorgeous saddle, reins, restore the royal knight's horse

●Touch voice interaction, touch a clap, endless fun

●20cm ultra-low chassis, children free up and down, safe and worry-free. Detachable fiberglass combination, elevator access without worry!


03 Playing instructions

Multiplayer music spinning game, players will ride the handsome pony along with the music.

The machine flashes different colors of lights, gorgeous eyes, loved by children!

4 Colorful three-player carousel

01 Product Information

Size: 130*130*236cm

Applicable places: indoor amusement park


02 Features

●2+1 toddler seat, fun and safety at the same time

●IP doll touch and voice interaction, to satisfy the curious baby

●Original 20cm ultra-low safety chassis, kids can get on and off freely.

●Detachable full fiberglass combination, no worry about elevator access. 


03 Description of gameplay

●Multi-player music spinning game, players will accompany the music to ride on the cute light-up ponies, cows and cars.

●The machine flashes different color lights, brilliant and dazzling, loved by children.

5 Crystal Train

01 Product Information

Size: 140*140*150cm

Applicable places: indoor amusement park


02 Product Features

● Eye-catching modeling, dreamy crystal wonderland-like atmosphere creation

● Snowflakes and small train inside the crystal ball, real scene interaction.

● Double position luxury fiberglass train design, with different interactive toys

● 20CM ultra-low safety chassis, no track deformation, sensor failure and other worries

● Extended version of the railroad train, the fun is not reduced, the value is upgraded, and the safety is worry-free.


03 Playing instructions

●Two player music spinning game, children will ride the spinning crystal train with music.

The machine is divided into two seats, children can choose to be seated at will.

●While playing, you can watch the train rotating inside the crystal cover.

6 Robot Flying Man

01 Product Information

Size: 150*130*180cm

Applicable places: indoor amusement park


02 Product features

● 360°rotation + elevation, helicopter experience

● New robot theme modeling, with air combat games

● Cooler modeling, more exciting games, better revenue

● Double passengers, comfortable space


03 Description of gameplay

● Single-player shooting game with gorgeous 3D graphics and rich content.

● The game has four weapon modes, three mech shapes and three scenes.

● The game machine has a combination of up and down movement and left and right rotation modes, and the machine will stop rotating in a fixed direction at the end of the game.

7 Double Pirate Ship

01 Product Information

Size: 178*68*165cm

Applicable places: indoor amusement park


02 Features

● Lifelike pirate ship design, captain, anchor, skeleton flag, full of details.

● Twin seats with different interactions, 1P screen interactive game area, 2P sound effects interactive area

● Pirate theme IP, new swing machine mode, breaking the traditional, de-similarization 


03 Description of the game

● Double swing machine, double pirate ship is a very fun 3D game, the game picture is vivid and colorful, the player will drive a very cute pirate ship in the colorful game world to roam.

● The machine can be used for video games on one side, and the other side presses the button to make sound.

8 Speed Buggy

01 Product Information

Size: 200*126*142cm

Applicable places: indoor amusement park


02 Features

● Full fiberglass off-road heavy locomotive shocking modeling

● Roaring, chasing, drifting, dynamic, 100% off-road driving experience.

● Parent-child interaction, a chase in the wilderness.

● 24-inch high-definition screen + 3D off-road racing interactive games


03 Game Description

● Racing game, 3D screen stereo sense, rich game content, take you to experience a different racing experience!

● The game simulates the real driving experience according to the different road conditions of each map, creating different vibration feedback, intense and exciting.

● The game contains 6 kinds of vehicle appearance, and each kind of vehicle can also choose a different color, the game scene has 4 to choose from.




Address:No.33 Shagang Middle Road, Harbor Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China. Magic Interactive Technology (Zhongshan) Co.

Official Website: www.m-sky.com.cn

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