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Exhibitor| Changsha Xianlin Wusen Fountain Complete Set Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Changsha Xianlin Wusen Fountain Complete Set Equipment Co.,Ltd.



Changsha Xianlin Wusen Fountain Complete Set Equipment Co.,Ltd.was established on December 19, 2005, is a professional engaged in the design of water features in Hunan Province, the production of the company. Mainly engaged in fog Sen fountain equipment processing, sales, installation and fountain nozzles, LED underwater lights, fountain special pumps wholesale and retail.

The company has been committed to the research and development of misty landscape and music fountain control system for many years. And won the title of China's top ten brands of fog forest, quality trustworthy unit and so on. The company's purpose is: people-oriented, ecological source, honest and dedicated, continuous innovation.

Use wisdom to create a fairyland on earth: because we love water, we recognize its characteristics, understand its form, we will listen to your views, according to your needs, with our experience and design, so that it dances clear, fly to its heart's content, and present it perfectly.

Our Misty Landscape Our Perfect Life: With the progress and development of society, people's living standards are improving, and their awareness and pursuit of ecological environment are increasing day by day.

Fog forest landscape comes out of nowhere in modern garden landscape, constantly approaching people's dream of pursuing beauty, health and happy life, sublimating the cultural taste of our individuals and the whole city.


Fog Sen as a landscape, from the visual point of view wonderful, like smoke like fog, pleasing to the eye, instantly make the body and mind to get a comprehensive relaxation, as if the world of paradise, let people linger. Fog with a large number of negative ions can improve the human ability to inhale oxygen and carbon dioxide discharge.

Can make harmful gases and floating dust quickly aggravate the fall, in the fall and winter seasons the fog can directly supplement the human skin and plants around the normal need for moisture. The water source is very clean through precision filtration.

Mist from the nasal inhalation of the human body can directly moisturize the body mucous membranes, nutrient brain cells. Thus achieving the purpose of stress relief, beneficial to physical and mental health. Fog system in the work of dozens of oxygen concentrator at the same time, can produce a large number of negative ions for hundreds of people to absorb.

We hope that we can work together to create this fairy mountain and cloud sea like super world landscape, enjoy this healthy and fresh ecological fog, feel this wonderful extraordinary mood. After the fog project is completed, it will make your construction project more eye-catching. Closer to nature and ecology, more mysterious and beautiful.



01 Outdoor Misting Fan

Outdoor misting fan swinging mechanism transformation upgraded version, basically no sound, far travel smooth. Has begun to market, looking to sell to the country, scenic spots, parks, water parks, zoos, crowded places, outdoor spray cooling dust control to increase air circulation, prevent heat stroke.


Changsha Xianlin, the achievement of fairyland 

Control temperature, reduce dust, fresh air.

Create a small environment with cooler and fresher air.


No. 401, Building 13, Area C, Yuhua Electromechanical Market, Changsha, Hunan Province, China


01 Product Characteristics

02 Product Structure

03 Color

04 Selling Points

05 Reliable quality

06 Service Package

07 Accessories

08 Installation sequence

001:Firstly determine the location of Party A's demand for the number.

002:Confirm Party A's water supply and power supply.

003: Arrange the foundation making according to the base plate size of outdoor spraying fan.

004: Spray host installation location installation quantity is determined.

005: Installation of spray fan fixed rod.

006: Installation of spray fan spray head.

007: Water and electricity test machine.

008: Fault found, debugging maintenance.

009: Cultivate the use of personnel, handover and acceptance.




Address:Block 13, Area C, Yuhua Electromechanical Market, Changsha City, Hunan Province, China.


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