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Exhibitor Sharing | Cangzhou Warrior Outward: Magic Net Adventure in Huaxi Commercial Street, Chaohu, Hefei

Cangzhou Warrior Outward:
Magic Net Adventure in Huaxi Commercial Street, Chaohu, Hefei

Case Appreciation
Magic Net Adventure, Huaxi Commercial Street, Chaohu City, Hefei, China
Completion date:
April 29, 2023
01 Case Introduction
The magic net adventure project is to expand and net trampoline fusion together, high safety coefficient, and a certain degree of challenge. Accommodate a large number of people, covering a wide range of customer age groups, parents and children can play together.
02 Program parameters
The program can be designed according to the customer's site. Suggested site is not less than 200 square meters.
03 Design Concept
It mainly attracts visitors of all ages from 4 years old and above to play, improves the level of exercise, increases children's boldness, and enhances the relationship between parents and children through parent-child interaction.
04 Project Advantages
High safety factor, covering a wide range of age groups.
05 Market Benefits
Easy for customers to operate, high safety factor, low labor cost, wide age range of visitors
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