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Zeda Technology Co.,Ltd.


Guangdong Zeta Technology Co.
Ltd. brand was founded in 2021, is China's leading entertainment + new retail technology platform, the Internet of Things + new model for the entertainment industry empowerment, is committed to helping the entertainment industry to solve the shortcomings of the retail scene consumption of the slow, less, low replay rate, to improve the youth of the entertainment industry to play a single sense of experience, service satisfaction while improving the net profit of the entertainment industry.
1 Planet flying beads
01 Dimension
02 Applicable places
Multi-transmission points, shops, amusement parks, visitor centres
03 Product features
Novel product, no need for new costs, through the unmanned intelligent terminal, to create a new ecosystem of venue services, and improve the added value of venue support.
04 Play Instructions
Pull the lever to hit the marbles to the jackpot opening and then get the card or QR code to redeem the gift at the prize redemption machine.
2 Marbles
01 Dimension
02 Applicable places
Crane shops, convenience stores, multi-traffic points, amusement parks, squares
03 Play description
Pinball machine and twisted egg machine combination of innovative machines, small and light, exquisite appearance.
04 Play instructions
Pull the lever to hit the marbles to the jackpot, then the prize mouth out of the twisted egg.
Address:Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, Panyu District, Dalong Street, Shixin Road, No. 39 Dongying Science and Technology Park Zeta Technology Co.
Tel:0086 13600383302
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