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Exhibitor|Shanghai Xiner Internet of Things Technology Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Xiner Internet of Things Technology Co.,Ltd


It is a service provider of intelligent scenic area and cultural tourism planning, construction and operation, as well as R&D and manufacturing of Internet of Things equipment and amusement equipment. Xiner Internet of Things sub-brand - frog woo amusement is committed to building R & D-driven enterprises, access to hundreds of independent intellectual property rights, was evaluated as a national high-tech enterprises. At present, the business of frog woo amusement radiates to dozens of provinces and cities across the country, covering more than 50 city parks and star scenic spots, using more than 300,000 tourists, and is in the leading position in the industry.



1 Frog Woo Amusement Intelligent Scenic Spot Amusement Management Platform


01 Applicable places

Parks/scenic spots/malls/playgrounds, etc.


02 Product features

Scanning code lock control, fixed-point return, electronic fence, online management.


03 Play Description

Frog Woo Amusement Intelligent Management Platform is a professional amusement management and operation platform for scenic spots.

Adopting visual data interface, real-time feedback operation data, convenient to grasp the overall operation dynamics of the scenic spot; computer terminal and WeChat small programme terminal dual login, assisting managers to improve decision-making efficiency and ability.


Scanning code control lock:

Fixed-point return:

Electronic fencing:

Online management:

Visitor applet:

Admin applet:


One-key alarm in the applet, 24-hour online customer service hotline, double protection to protect the personal safety of tourists.

The platform takes terminal equipment as the basis, operational data as the core, and tourist behaviour as the guide, realizes the new mode of intelligent, safe, efficient and convenient amusement management, and helps to upgrade the management of scenic spots.



Email: marketing@xinerboat.com

Address: No.3, 2007 Banquan Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China.

Website: www.wawuiot.com


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